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SP-1 is a power assisted bicycle without a seat pad. This allows the rider to pedal in a standing position to achieve a natural sensation similar to walking a flight of stairs. The rider’s body rises and falls putting their full weight on the pedal reducing the leg muscle effort as compared to a conventional bicycle. The controller built into the SP-1 senses when the rider is exerting force on the pedals and compensates by adjusting the power to the motor allowing the rider to ride up hill with ease. The battery that operates the motor is powered by a series of chained lithium-ion Japanese cell that is eco-friendly, proven safe to use in the transportation application and yet do not produce carbon emissions.
SP-1 targets at the European market having its form and function combined together bestows an elegant, fashionable and cool looking electric-assisted Standing Pedelec that offers an alternative to bicycle or motorcars to ride to work, run your erand, exercise, etc.
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