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Our engineering team has championed many sophisticated battery systems and accumulated sound records for designing and developing safe, efficient and reliable battery systems with very low power electronics consumption suitable for long battery storages.
Demanding OEM are turning to Totex for solution to their extremely high power requirement knowing Totex has the capability, experience and know-how to work on very low impedance circuitry, strike balance on active or passive multi-level protection design together with battery pack to host device and those of charger support different protocols such as RS232/RS485, I2C/SMBus, 1-Wire, CAN and CANOpen for real-time battery/charger status, SOC, SOH, identification and historical data reporting etc.
To-date, we have ready BMS solutions for 1~16 cell chained in series for Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, 1~10+ to few hundreds cell in series (e.g. 3.6V~36V, ~48V, ~60V etc.). Lithium-ion and Lithium polymer chemistries which cover almost all applications other than those using lead acid.
Our power solution comes with basic feature of protection or advanced options such as built-in charger with dynamic power management, passive and active cell balancing, MOSFETs / Contactors drivers for high power management, communication protocol conversion firmware and counterfeit protection.
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