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Reinforced with highly skilled technical professionals, Totex Project Management team works closely with the client’s NPI and R&D to fully understand the specification and requirement before making proposal as we understand virtually every portable power application is unique.
In most cases, we get involve in the conceptual phase where we work hand-in-hand with the client to define battery cell type, functional components and pack construction as this is the most efficient way to obtain optimum power. Our project team not only advise the appropriate cell to use but select the particular model that can last for the next 3~5 years or longer by working directly with cell manufacturer to select a common cell or one that has high economic of scale. Our team is skilled in design evaluation, conduct DFX, FMEA analysis and risk management assessment to salvage potential issues that may happen in the product life cycle. The team is also deeply involved in production processes, agency certification, functional and environmental testing and equally important, well versed in the shipping regulations where, under certain circumstances, Lithium-ion and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are classified as Dangerous Goods.  
Prototyping, EVT, DVT, PVT and production readiness are normal routine we engage to run small lots for our client’s evaluation and validation but our target as always is to “Do it RIGHT the 1st time” to cut down the different stages of battery pack trial run to save cost and time for our client. Post mortems are generally conducted at the end of each routine to gather feedback to ensure continuous improvement and improve the management of the next routine or future project.
The same team follows from concept phase to MP stage to delivery till the project EOL. This is inevitable and valuable to our client as the team walked through the whole development stages and thereafter the different revisions during the product life cycle. In some cases, the same battery pack is used for newer product.
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