Our Hong Kong factory was accredited the ISO9001 in 2003 with emphasis on customer satisfaction, the correct process approach and continual improvement to ensure our customers get consistent and good quality products and services. ISO13485 was added to our portfolio to define a quality management system specific to the medical device industry as safety, quality and traceability are non-negotiable in the medical industry. This stringent requirement throughout the product’s life cycle has brought Totex to the next phase of quality management system. MIL-PRF-32052 standard is accommodated to our design for defense science battery system which focused on rugged, durable usage and its test regime and documentation.
Totex quality assurance starts at design stage. The past experiences and cumulated knowledge allows us to spot potential problems that may surface after numerous operating cycles through DFX, FMEA, full function performance evaluation and risk management approach. This valuable knowledge and skill-based approach are highly sought-after by demanding OEM which position Totex as the preferred partner of battery pack and charger solutions.
Furthermore, we perform cycling test which are fully automated, life performance and actual environmental application tests at pack level with data to support our analysis.
Customized testing equipment are also developed to ensure battery and charger for
  • Functionality of fuel gauge
  • Functionality of safety circuitry
  • Integrity of communication
  • Charging control efficiency and safety
All these tests allow us and our partners to validate designs at any stage in the design process.