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Our engineering team has the right skillset and techniques taking a product from an idea to the marketplace meeting the functionality, aesthetics and the ability to withstand impact forces and thermal environment that the product will be subjected to and the best way to manufacture them to operate without failure.
Through extensive research and testing, Totex is one of the few that reduced the electrical impedance in metal contacts to allow maximum current to flow through between battery cells to attain the maximum power for the power tool application.
The key to success in design is to ensure the mechanical integrity is maintained and the understanding of the behavior of the battery pack or product, its part and its compatible device will react under actual application influences. Our mechanical team designs and follows through the manufacturing processes from individual part to the complete system.
Our expertise circulates in the design and manufacturing of plastics part, metal contact plate, waterproof seal and lock mechanism. We are capable of designing to meet shock, extreme altitude, high impact rugged environment, etc. Not only our battery systems are safe and reliable, we have won numerous design and engineering awards for innovation both at battery pack and product level.
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